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Default ESF looking for new Tag/name

Hi guys,

I had a word with bouwhelm and tarantino about the name/tag that we carry.

My personal opinion is that although we had the tag [ESF] first within the VC community, there are too many clans with similar names, not only Elite Special Forces but also EFF, EF, SF etcetera etcetera

So my proposal would be to change the Tag to something new and original and maybe even change the clanname.

We came up with some nice brainstormfarts, but you guys can add as many as you like. After this inventarisation of interest for a new name, we will then democraticaly decide which name it is going to be.

ESFOR| as a new tag (f.e. ESFOR|bouwhelm)
BeerTeam as a new name (Heineken|Beer, TimDogg|Beer)
*EU* as a new tag
ROCK as a new tag: (Really: Only Chicks Kount) (Or something stupid like that)
FAME: as a new tag (Fearless and Mean Enemies)

Well you guys can probably come up with something original.

Have fun!
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