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Default Envision sponsor

Dear Sir/Madam

We are writing to you today, requesting a sponsorship or partnership deal being made between our two organisations, below is a general description and briefing of what our organisation is about, what we plan to achive and what we can do for you.
Also the Multigaming orgnisation is growing fast at the moment with our teams expanding into console games such as FIF08, COD4, GOW and HALO3.
What we can offer to you is a percentage of our whinnings at events i.e u pay for our lan tickets or T-shirts etc and if we win anything at lan events which i am very confident we can do u can either get a percent of the whinnings or the ticket money back but this offcourse will have to be descused between he 2 parties and we will advertise u etc on webby which atm gets 100+ hits a day not big atm but stable as we are new we can advertise u on t-shirts leagues events etc etc what ever u wish.Pls take ur time to read everything as its all about the MGO the teams etc.

How old is the MGO:

The Organisation was started 8 month ago, but the MGO team's have been together for more than 2 years.

How many members are there in the team:

At the moment we have 24 currently representing the EnVision name, 2 Managers, 2 News Writers, 5 CounterStrike Source players, 6 Americas Army players and 6 CounterStrike 1.6 players, 3 FIFA 08 players.

LAN events attended within the last 12 months, including all final placements:

PartyLan Finland 2008 -First Place
Multiplay i34 England 2008 - Seventh Place
Multiplay i35 England 2008 - nineth Place

CounterStrike source

We have also had recent interviews on the counterstrike source team from the following link bellow is the recen interview:
Index of /CLUK21 Q6 Div1

Winner: May 2008
Bronze: April 2008
Also the Css team have qualifide for esp in the esl ESL: ENVISION EnVision Gaming SEARCHING SPONSOR Organisation - Team - Europe - Electronic Sports League - The eSports Gaming League
Multiplay i34 England 2008 - Seventh Place
Multiplay i35 England 2008 - nineth Place

CStrike 1.6


Group 3 Second Place: August 2008 Spring League 2008 #2
Group 4 Winners: May 2008 EDCSL Season 6
Div 4 Third Place : November 2007 ED:CS Summer Fun Cup #3
Winners: August 2007 EDCSL Season 5
Div 6 Third place: June 2007 Steelseries April Cup #2
Runner up: April 2007 EDCSL Season 4
Div 5 Third Place: March 2007 Entry
Gold: May 2006 UK - Division 2
Gold: March 2005

Americas army

AAO Euro League Season III Pre-Season
AAO Euro League Season III Premier Div Groupstage
AAO Euro League Season III Premier Div Playoffs
AAO Euro League Season III Premier Final

We have also had recent interviews on the americas army team from .aao-daily the following link bellow is the recen interview: sl-premier-division-final&catid=34:news&Itemid=106
EnVision "A New Beginning"

Recent results:
Envision player Rafal Blaszczyk has got into a ea final polish comp Translated version of

LAN events currently planned for the next 12 months:

Multiplay i35 2008 - UK
Multiplay i36 2008 - UK

Currently Seeking funding to;
The eXperience 2009 - Denmark
Lan79 2009 - France
Dreamhack 2009 - Sweden

History and Description of Targets of the Organisation:

EnVision Started in July 2008 as an idea started by Ryan 'SkiddY' Hudson, and with the help of Andrew 'Kungfoo' West it has become reality with high end, fast stable servers based in the UK sponsored through Xpletus Gaming servers, and a highly powerful custom designed website courtesy of Xpletusgaming. We are looking to extend our gaming teams from just CounterStrike Source and CounterSource and Americas Arny but to Team Fortress 2, COD4 and maybe even a Deulling game like Warsow or QuakeLive, whilst having a UK and an EU side of the team to help compete on an international level and attend more events in the future.

The managers themselves have varied experience, Ryan's experience comes first hand playing most of the games we are looking to be involved in, and is active within most of these communities either via forums or playing matches and general so******ing over mIRC. Andy on the other hand has alot of experience when it comes to the technical side of things. He is already the owner of a successful GSP[Game Service Provider], and sponsor some of the most up and coming UK CounterStrike Source teams, such as Section9, Hostile and Anomaly. As well as supporting these young talented players, he also supplies the worlds best invitational community, Ondskan - with players from teams such as Alternate aTTax, Reason Gaming, ZBoard and several EU and US CGS teams - with servers of the highest quality.

The CounterStrike Source team, formely known as infused, have a wealth of experience,

Jon "deathrow" Saunders
John "pr0d" Seal
Liam "roperr" Rope
Phillip "Tucker" Hynes
Adam "KEM" Kemmery.

with former teams between the players being Infused, Complete-Control, x7project and MYTEQ. they have numerous LAN placements between them including 9/12th at I32, 3rd at CLUK19 and 7/8th at CLUK21. They have also won numerous events online including Enemydown Challenge cup, SGL RPL league and CLUK21 qualifiers.

The Americas Army team, formely known as Six/i9

Donovan "doN" Stevens
Mathew "t1empo" Routledge
Nick "n1ck" Wridgway
Andreas "Flex" Mut
Tito "slave" Esclave
Gweltaz "skuNk" Fily
Adam "funka" Soze
Joris "Gizmo" Verkouteren

The Americas Army team, have been setting the AA scene onfire with there excellent results topping the premier league with ease and going through to the finals and brining home EnVisions first championship.With this team being a reform of former Shift Six/i9 they have spent alot of time together coming runners up in CAL Invite they have built up a strong bond together, The latest additions to the team slave and skunk have played together for years both winning many leagues and cups together with teamwork so strong they have become an amazing set of players to add to the roster. The team now working hard to become ranked 1st in europe are not far behind leaders in 2nd place, with new LAN's, leagues and cups coming up the team is looking to take what ever they can.

The CounterStike 1.6 team, formely known as Never Ending Pain, have a stable and loyal lineup

Chris "-XtopheR`" Willcox,
Luke "GothiaL" Eccleston
Liam "cLoud" Eccleston
Jack "Velocity`" Deton
Jake "Hoaxn" Eades

We've all played together for over a year now, we have compeleted in WCG, ESWC, Clan-base open, We have also attended IG5, SGL SUmmer slam. We also got to the final in SGL's Online heros, also we came second in the latest season of enemydown, we were also unbeaten in SGL's summer event. We are also taking part in Clanbase Open cup.

The FIFA team, formely known as United Fc, have a stable and loyal lineup
Marc 'stripes' Lucas,
Gavin 'sharp7' Lucas,
Rafal 'barca10' Blaszczyk,
About the Team
We started earlly 2008 two brothers and a close mate created a clan, We enjoy our 'sexy football' play and are known for playing till the end. We never give up. Winning is in our blood
we won UEFA cup on and we have finnished in the top 10 on gb 3 seasons in a row, including this season waiting to be crowned champions!

The Organisation is interested in being involved with your company as we are looking to further the eSports industry, how ever little difference we can make, whether it be holding Cups with cash or product prizes, or bringing up to date scene news, everything is a little push. If we were successful in making a sponsorship deal with your company, we ask for Hosting Sponsorship. We ask for servers in each of the respective game as we bring teams in, whether it would be a UK team or an EU team, we also require mIRC Quakenet Trust Awarded BNCs for each player or memebr of staff. With the cups we plan to host, we feel that most teams would compete in an Event where they can physically win a prize as significant as a server, voice communication server, web hosting or even a set of bouncers. The deal would provide significant support to our EU sides as latency to the UK gaming servers can be unpredictable at times, so it would help them improve and achieve success a lot quicker.

Both parties can benefit from a deal like this, we can help improve our teams, improve the community and your company can benefit from us due to; people winning prizes and then spreading the word on how good the product was via word of mouth, or when people see our players playing using the latest product and see how well the product performs whilst being actively used. Also through advertising through our mIRC Channel, Website, Offline Lan Event Clothing and Spreading the word through each players contacts.

#EnVision at Quakenet on mIRC
Private Message Via
We look forward to hearing from you,
Kungfoo - Manager and Founder of EnVision Gaming
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